We Are the Lucas Family

The purpose of this site is to preserve our heritage and make it available for our younger generation in the years to come. I believe the stories and photos are precious and will be lost if we fail to record the events of lifetimes. I invite anyone who is interested in these families to please consider contributing. Besides the obvious Lucas families I have included branches of the Allison,Dixon, Dolliver, Faggan, Hazzard, Jackson, Parsons, Braithwaite, HalfKenny and Marsman families. I love to colour it with photos and histories, no matter how seemingly unimportant. If you have photos or documents, or a story to tell, please contact me and we’ll add it.

  Although we suspect that the Lucas family originated with the early refugees from the United States during the Revolutionary War, it has been established with certainty that our roots in Canada go back as early as 1813. American slaves seized the opportunity to escape after the War of 1812, mainly from coastal Georgia and the Chesapeake region (Maryland and Virginia). Between September 1813 and August 1816 on both naval vessels and private transports chartered by the British, the refugees sailed to and settled in Nova Scotia.

The majority of Black Refugees were given licenses of occupation for generally poor-quality ten-acre lots that could not reasonably be expected to produce enough crops for a family to survive. Those who managed to grow enough food were generous in helping their starving neighbors – until, at the end of the long winters, all were destitute. Finally in 1827 land was granted to James Lucas and Moses Oliver in lower Nova Scotia and Lucasville Settlement was born.

It could not have been an easy life, transported from their homeland in chains and enduring the unaccustomed harshness of a new land, but James and his family first survived and then prospered. We have spread out over two countries; we have been tinkers, tailors, soldiers, sailors, rich men, poor men, beggar men and thieves. We have made our presence felt in fashion, as lawmen; in the arts as musicians and writers, in sports as boxers and baseball players, in the church as elders and ministers.

It is impossible to amass this amount of information without errors, so I’m also asking that you check all the data with the original sources for yourself. Equally please inform me of any errors you may find.