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Although names are displayed, all other information relating to individuals still living is witheld from viewing to all unregistered viewers of New Memories. Access to view details of living individuals can be obtained by registering for an account. These are available to those living individuals who appear on the website, or in certain cases to those who are conducting genuine research into individuals who appear on the tree.Those with a User Account are not only able to view details of living individuals, but can also download GEDCOM files for any individual in the tree – covering up to 12 generations.All information on this website is to be considered “as is”. This site makes no representation about  the accuracy or reliability of the information and  will not be liable for anything that you do with it that may cause you financial, physical or emotional harm.Upon notification that any material on this website infringes on the privacy rights of an individual or group, the material in questionwill be removed.

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