2016 Family Marketplace

The 2016 Atlanta Committee for the Lucas Family Reunion would like to incorporate a family Marketplace into the reunion activities. We have not pulled all of the details together on what exactly it would consist of.

I know there are family members in the fashion industry, jewelry makers, photographers etc. Personally, I’m a Travel Agent by night & weekends and would love for family to take advantage of my services. If we cannot support each others businesses first, then shame on us!

If you are a business owner of any sort, please send me an email ( with a digital business card. If nothing else, I can pull together a family business directory.


Beadwork by Kianga Lucas

Beadwork by Kianga Lucas



 Posted by Tendai Lucas

Do You Know?

Can YOU answer the following questions by circling “Y” for “yes” or “N” for “no.”  A study found that people who know a lot about their families tend to do better when they face challenges. It appeared that more children knew about their family’s history, the stronger their sense of control over their lives, the higher their self-esteem and the more successfully they believed their families functioned. The “Do You Know?” scale turned out to be the best single predictor of children’s emotional health and happiness.

1. Do you know how your parents met?Y N
2. Do you know where your mother grew up?Y N
3. Do you know where your father grew up?Y N
4. Do you know where some of your grandparents grew up?Y N
5. Do you know where some of your grandparents met?Y N
6. Do you know where your parents were married?Y N
7. Do you know what went on when you were being born?Y N
8. Do you know the source of your name?Y N
9. Do you know some things about what happened when your brothers or sisters were being born?Y N
10. Do you know which person in your family you look most like?Y N
11. Do you know which person in the family you act most like?Y N
12. Do you know some of the illnesses and injuries that your parents experienced when they were younger?Y N
13. Do you know some of the lessons that your parents learned from good or bad experiences?Y N
14. Do you know some things that happened to your mom or dad when they were in school?Y N
15. Do you know the national background of your family (such as English, German, Russian, etc)?Y N
16. Do you know some of the jobs that your parents had when they were young?Y N
17. Do you know some awards that your parents received when they were young?Y N
18. Do you know the names of the schools that your mom went to?Y N
19. Do you know the names of the schools that your dad went to?Y N
20. Do you know about a relative whose face “froze” in a grumpy position because he or she did not smile enough?Y N

Read the original article The Stories That Bind Us.

2014 Lucas Family Reunion

I sincerely thank Wayne, Deborah, Anita, and the “Boston connection” for hearing the call and for providing us with the wonderful opportunities for new and renewed Lucas family connections, fun, and fellowship. We established this as a biannual tradition in 2010 with the Las Vegas Centennial Celebration of my father Maxwell Lucas, before going to our homeland in Lucasville in 2012. The journey to our past continues, and we especially appreciate that our younger people have enthusiastically embraced it. Love and blessings all. Maxine
2014 Reunion